About RustBridge

RustBridge is a workshop focused on getting underrepresented people with a background in another programming language to learn Rust and join the community.

Why RustBridge?

RustBridge is an excellent way to welcome and attract persons from underrepresented backgrounds to your Rust conference or event. By giving students new to Rust an introduction to the language and other fellow Rust learners before the conference, RustBridge increases the relevance and value of Rust event content for students, as well as offering students a sense of belonging and camaraderie, both of which are things new members to a community often lack. Students of previously run Bridge programs often cite the Bridge Program as the reason they felt comfortable attending the event, and that the program greatly increased their enjoyment of the event.

Why Rust?

Rust is a programming language designed to improve the experience of systems programming and thereby empower a broader range of people to write systems-level code. Systems programming has a reputation for being difficult and learners are often dissuaded by the culture's celebration of this difficulty. By contrast, the Rust Language team focuses specifically on learning and beginner experiences, and has key initiatives, such as the ergonomics initiative, to ensure that this critical work happens.

Additionally, from the start, Rust has had a code of conduct and has strived for an inclusive and welcoming community. A strong moderation team, and community initiatives like Rust Reach, ensure that students attending RustBridge have a safe and motivating place should they choose to continue participating in the Rust ecosystem.

Given its explicit technical and social goals, Rust is well-suited for a bridge program focused on bringing underrepresented persons and beginners into its community.

About Bridge Programs

BridgeFoundry is an organization that "empowers people with technology through teaching and facilitating access, enlarging the community of people who give back and teach others". Most well-known for the extremely successful RailsBridge program, BridgeFoundry supports opensource workshops for many technologies, and has enjoyed success all over the world.

Upcoming Workshops

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2018 Workshops

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